UAE Flooding: How we can help build resilience

With historic levels of rainfall, the UAE has been hit hard by flooding. We stand together to help the people of the Emirates.

In so many disasters, we have seen the selfless efforts of the United Arab Emirates spring into action with humanitarian aid on a herculean scale. Now, with historic levels of rainfall Dubai the Emirates have been dealt an unfortunate event affecting thousands of people.

There is one thing I am always humbled to see in the Emirates and that is their ability to create opportunities out of near nothing, such as the development of Dubai City which 50 years ago bares no resemblance to the amazing metropolis it is today.

For most westerners, the idea of a desert country in flood is unfathomable – but the reality is that with urban development, population growth, and climate change the hazard of flooding is now real for many middle eastern countries.

Only last year I was in Abu Dhabi and presenting on flood hazard management, and one of the newer technologies that has merit to supplement good flood engineering and land-use planning, is the development of flood barrier capability. The importance of businesses to take responsibility to protect their critical infrastructure is also key, such as solutions by HydroResponse.

As the hazardscape changes, UAE is poised to enhance its already impressive civil defence and police rescue capabilities to meet the challenge of flood rescue too.

I wish all the people an expeditious recovery and stand ready to help the people of the UAE in their time of need.

Please contact us if you need consultancy services on flood emergency management or rescue services.

Dr. Steve Glassey