Simulation Services

Train like lives depend on it with PSI Global VR emergency simulation

Going beyond traditional training, PSI Global is proud to now offer incident command simulation using VSTEP Response Simulator (RS) to take incident commanders of technical rescue, firefighting, security, hazardous materials to the next level. 

We have access to a global cadre of VR simulation facilitators, meaning we can deliver engaging, memorable and high-quality learning and assessment activities for any industry and simulate any hazard scenario.

As an Accredited Testing Centre (ATC#23003) for the International Public Safety Qualifications Authority, we can also offer independent assessment for incident manager role certifications in accordance with ISO17024.

Our facilitators come from a range of backgrounds including military, aviation, oil and gas, disaster management, police, ambulance, fire and rescue, security, animal welfare, and hazardous materials; and we can facilitate training across numerous languages through our cadre of translators that have public safety experience.

Whether you train with us, internally or with another provider, our virtual simulations add-value to ab-initio and refresher training to get your personnel excited about training again and improve their competence to enhance national security and safety.

From simple pre-existing scenarios through to custom development of multi-site complex simulations, contact PSI Global today to see how we can revolutionise your public safety capability.


We offer a wide range of scenario environments including:

  • Urban 
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Airport
  • Rail
  • Farms
  • Oil pollution
  • Maritime
  • Flood
  • Terror attack
  • Shopping centre
  • Stadium
  • Hospital
  • And more

Check out how VSTEP is being used to bring training alive