European experts adopt new rescue system

Experts from Norway and Catalonia underwent training in a new device poised to give rescuers increased level of safety when carrying out water rescues. 

Swiftwater Breathing Apparatus (SWBA) certified specialist training was rolled out today for the first time in Europe, with candidates from Catalonia and Norway undertaking the course at the Parc Olímpic del Segre, Catalonia, Spain. 

The background of the candidates included water rescue, firefighting, military, paramedical, divers and more.

Following the programme, two new SWBA Instructors were certified: Eirik Holen (Rope Rescue Norway) and Ramses Marti (Spain).

Catalonian firefighter and swiftwater specialist Jordi Rius Cima attended and passed the SWBA Specialist Course also.

“It is amazing, it gives you more time to be calm and focus on the task at hand such as surface-level searching which is very difficult without SWBA” says Ramses who has been a leading national advocate for water rescue and safety, including leading lifeguarding programmes throughout Spain.

Between the two new instructors, they speak over eight languages making SWBA Specialist courses highly accessible now in Europe and beyond.

Eirik Holen who has extensive military experience, said the second generation SWBA system that has the option to have integrated communication systems, will be a game-change for ship-boarding operations carried out by law enforcement and military, allowing operators to have their hands free for weapon management and secure emergency air supply even if rendered unconscious.

The SWBA programme now heads to the USA, where it is being presented by Dr Steve Glassey, at the New York State (DHES) Technical Rescue Conference.

To have a SWBA Specialist Course delivered in Europe, please contact Eirik or Ramses above.