SWBA Deployment & Incident Report

About this form

This report is used by PSI Global to continually improve the SWBA program. Data collected tagged with an incident, may also be shared with Divers Alert Network (DAN) and the American Whitewater Accident Database Manager who may use the information also to provide independent research and publications to ensure SWBA operates using an evidence-based approach. 

Do not use this form to submit an insurance claim or to request emergency assistance. 


The Divers Alert Network (DAN) Research department and American Whitewater Accident Database Manager will not share your information with any other department within DAN or American Whitewater. 

DAN/PSI/AW cares about your privacy and no individual shall be identified verbally or published. Data are released only in anonymous form and contact information of the reporting person will not be released publicly.

Published incident reports may be supplemented by publicly available records such as those provided by news agencies, coronial courts and government entities. Where such third parties identify personal details of persons involved, this information may be published.

Contact information is requested to facilitate follow-up if warranted (and if the person grants permission for contact to be made – asked as one of the final questions). All information obtained during the study, including the respondent’s identity, will be kept confidential to the fullest extend allowed by law.