Technical Rescue

We provide contemporary technical rescue training worldwide including rope, confined space and swiftwater rescue. From basic to instructor level.

Our instructors have been at the forefront of developing technical rescue in New Zealand and around the world.

From founding technical animal rescue in New Zealand, through to training US special forces and elite rescue teams in the middle east, we have instructors who world renown for their expertise – in fact many of the rescue programmes delivered today were developed, written or significantly revised by our national and international award winning instructors such as body recovery from water, flood worker safety, animal rescue technician, swiftwater vehicle rescue. Through our global connections we can provide training anywhere in the world, across a wide variety of rescue disciplines including:

  1. Rope Rescue
  2. Swiftwater Rescue, including boat operations
  3. Urban search and rescue/structural collapse
  4. Confined space rescue
  5. Animal rescue
  6. Ice rescue
  7. Trench rescue
  8. Extrication

Our instructors have a variety of awards and appointments including:

  • International Higgins & Langley Award for Swiftwater Program Development
  • Rescue 3 International: Global Instructor of the Year award
  • Rescue 3 International: Ambassador of the Year award
  • Auckland Drowning Prevention: Water Safety Champion
  • National Urban Search & Rescue Steering Committee: Citation Plaque for project contribution
  • NZ Coroner’s Court appointed expert witness – swiftwater rescue
  • Presented at International Technical Rescue Symposium (NM, 2019) on swiftwater vehicle stabilisation