RAID Lessons Management Model

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The presentation by Dr Steve Glassey at the 2023 Global Animal Disaster Management Conference discusses the use of artificial intelligence, specifically Dante AI, in managing and learning from past events. In this presentation, he unveils the world’s first AI integrated lessons management system for disaster management, Real-time Artificially Intelligent Doctrine (RAID).

Glassey emphasizes the importance of creating a knowledge base, a collection of various types of documents, websites, and videos, which the AI can train on and provide answers to queries based on the information contained within them. He explores the idea of creating multiple knowledge bases for different areas, such as animal disaster management or mainstream emergency management, and the potential for these to be queried simultaneously. Glassey also discusses the concept of a central, neutral AI repository containing all research, guidelines, after-action reports, inquiries, and books. The presentation touches on the idea of using AI to identify patterns and trends from past events, and the potential for this to be used in qualitative analysis. The use of AI in real-time lessons management and the potential for this to be integrated into a wider system is also discussed. The presentation concludes with the idea of using AI to draw from a ring-fenced set of information, which has been validated before use, potentially improving the accuracy and relevance of the information provided by the AI.