Aviation Security

About this page

This page is to help Aviation Security agencies and air cargo operators to understand the purpose and safe transport of Swiftwater Breathing Apparatus (SWBA).

What is SWBA?

SWBA is a means of respiratory protection for surface-water rescuer professionals. It consists of an emergency breathing system (EBS) common used in aviation for pilot and crew egress during a an emergency water ditching situation. It its most simplistic explanation it is a miniature SCUBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) system for river and flood rescue. Cylinders used for SWBA are under 500mL (water volume) and 2kg (weight).

Are they Dangerous Goods?

They are generally considered restricted goods and may be checked-in as luggage, providing:

  1. They are packed in a hard shell or rigid packaging
  2. They are depressurized with the valve open (if you turn the value on, no pressure reading should be displayed)
  3. It is preferred the valves remain in the cylinder to prevent moisture, dust or other contaminants to enter, however they can be removed if required by aviation security or the carrier.
  4. To prevent mishandling, it is recommended that the package is labelled “Fragile”.

SWBA Aviation Security Advisory (PDF, laminate and store inside transportation boxes).