Restube: Quick Review

Instant flotation and rescue tube in seconds, ideal for flat water, pools and surf.

Thanks to Restube Ambassador Ramses Marti, we got to test the Restube lifesaving device.

Its an inflatable rescue tube on tether, powered by a disposable CO2 cartridge and is mounted on a quick-release belt.

Though it may not be ideal for swiftwater conditions given the tether may create an entanglement risk, it was at home in providing additional buoyancy to victims and like the foam rescue tubes, makes capturing and towing a victim to safely easy.

It also can be deployed by drone as done by the New York Police Department recently, so its application is becoming widely used and appreciated.

So for flat water and surf it could be a good tool to provide instant buoyancy, thumbs up!

As for swiftwater, more testing would be needed but I am thinking the tether may create more of a risk. That said they do have other options in their range that have a shorter tether that could provide emergency buoyancy if other options are not available.

For more information visit Restube.