Activity 9

Evaluation of three different types of feedback.

CostLowRelatively LowModerate
TimeTime consuming for detailed feedbackReasonably time-efficientTime consuming if editing rerequired.
AffordancesProvides permanent record.
Allows detailed feedback.
Easily integrated into LMS.
Conveys tone and nuances.
Supports feedback literacy.
Can be transcribed using Text to Speech software.
Accents may be difficult to interpret.
Combines audio and visual auditory elements. Allows visual demonstration/feedback.
Can have automatic closed captions if using systems like YouTube
LimitationsMay lack tone and nuance.
Less engaging.
Can be less effective for those with LLN limitations.
Not suitable for hearing impaired (unless closed captions used).High technology requirements on assessor and candidate (to record and view respectively).
May provide material that can be used to generate deep fake video.
IncorporationUse within assessment result (summative) feedback under ISO17024 system.Could be a good option to give feedback to candidates on their radio procedure (i.e. how to use callsigns, pronouce the phonetic alphabet etc). Could be a good option to provide a skills exemplar (i.e. how to tie a knot) so that students can learn and prepare for future assessment.