Activity 10

Current approach to assessment feedback.

The current approach to IPSQA assessment in accordance with ISO17024, is that at the end of assessment meeting where the result is determined, the candidate gets to self-evaluate first.

This helps prepare the assessor on how best to deliver the outcome to the candidate. The feedback is usually given using a sandwich method, where feedback is given in three phrases with critical feedback layered between positive feedback.

The feedback provided as part of the debrief is then summarised on the assessment result and feedback form which is uploaded to the IPSQA database by the assessor for audit and record keeping.


Once the assessment result and feedback from is uploaded tot he database, the result is formally recorded. This triggers an automated notification to the candidates, which includes a link to an online survey. The submitted form and its data is held by IPSQA and not the assessor. This ensures feedback about the assessment process, result and assessor can be impartially reviewed and any critical issues such as safety or academic integrity can be immediately attended to.

Assessment Feedback – IPSQA

Using technology such as the online survey, this creates a large set a data to help with continuous improvement. Though not explored, this assessment activity has sowed the idea that the surveys data could be anonymised and then uploaded to an AI tool such as Dante-AI that could periodically generate a thematic analysis of candidate feedback, beyond reviewing statistical trends from quantitative feedback.